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Building Construction


The Building Construction industry is a multi-facetted one and the needs of the people who work in building construction are just as diverse.  From the large construction companies dealing with engineering, architecture and design to the general contractor who oversees a home renovation project that involves multiple trades, to the journeymen electricians, roofers, carpenters, plumbers, etc., everyone involved has different needs to help them effectively and successfully run their business.

A professional building construction association is composed of home builders, contractors and professionals of all types, in related fields.  It includes general contractors who are the professionals who coordinate large construction projects.


Building Construction

 In the case of a home addition or home remodel, a general contractor will make sure that each subcontractor will show up on time, do the work that needs to be done and not interfere with any of the other subcontractors.  A general contractor can use a construction directory offered by a builder’s association to access subcontractors for his project in the area where his project is located.


Building Construction

According to the Remodeling Sentiment Report, 35% of homeowners bypass the general contractor and hire tradesmen themselves including plumbers, electricians and roofers.  By entering the building association’s contractor’s directory, these people can locate tradesmen of this type in their own area and gain access to them by following the information supplied in their building association’s construction directory listing.


While home improvement or home renovation often refers to building construction projects that alter the structure of an existing home (i.e. room additions) it can also cover maintenance, repair and general servicing tasks done by skilled tradesmen in specific fields.


Building Construction



Home renovation projects generally include one or more of the following:

…upgrading hvac (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

…increasing plumbing and electrical capacities

…waterproofing basements

…soundproofing rooms, ceilings

Maintenance projects can include:

…roof repairs/replacement

…concrete and masonry repairs to foundations and chimneys

…plumbing and electrical system repairs


Residential or home renovation is a $300 billion industry in the United States.  Home renovations contractors have specialized credentials, licensing and experience to perform home renovation services in specific areas.

Design-build construction can bring many benefits to a business owner.  It focuses on bringing design and building construction professionals under one roof to collaborate on a project within a variety of industries.  The demand for this type of service is on the rise.   It eliminates schedule delays and budget overruns while allowing quality control.  With all aspects of the project streamlined through one point of contact, building construction projects can be completed much faster and more efficiently compared to the traditional design-bid-build method.


Building Construction


All of the above occupations are represented in a professional builder’s association.  People recognize a building construction company as a responsible and respected factor in the industry when it is part of a builder’s association.  An unscrupulous contractor or building construction company will not take the time or spend the money to join a builder’s association.

Builder’s association members can take advantage of exclusive savings on business to business services offered through discount programs, job postings, as well as all types of personal and business-related insurance coverage opportunities.   Assistance is available in creating professional websites highlighting and illustrating the capabilities of member construction companies.


Building Construction


The building association’s corporate website typically explains and promotes the association’s products and services, clarifies the benefits of membership to prospective members, and promotes members’ businesses by means of on-line listings of members and descriptions of their businesses.  The builder’s association also provides advertising opportunities to members through featuring their logos or business cards on line within the association website’s contractors directory as well as providing links into their own websites directly beneath the ad featured as part of their contractors directory listing.



A building construction directory provides the means with which building construction companies and allied service people can successfully grow their business.  Whether you are looking for job postings in a specific field or networking with fellow construction company artisans and craftsmen, a reliable, comprehensive building construction directory is a valuable asset.

The Building Trades Association, through its website as well as its contractors directory, serves more than 22,000 building construction firms and related contractors that make up their membership throughout the country.  In addition to the money-saving assistance available in obtaining personal and business insurances through qualified member services representatives, the Association makes every effort to supply members with all of the tools they need to run a successful building construction business.



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